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A community of values, sharing, and passion.

Sport being an integral part of our lives, the idea of associating sport with a concept of t-shirt highlighting what we really love about football was knocking into our mind for some months. Afterwards we met a graphic designer in New York, who finally become a friend, to whom we proposed few months later to play a role in our project. This project is based on the passion that millions of people have for the sport and the greatest sportsmen who make it live. The idea of overturning your t-shirt to scream your joy like these emblematic players do when they become crazy, score and win, is a way to always be closer to your idol and your team. All of this concept was founded around the biggest European cities where football holds a huge economic and cultural importance.

Starting from the principle that the biggest risks are not to take it, everything has made sense quickly, the concept, the designs, the t-shirts, and the values. From there, everything came together, the product’s design and the first test with a target population had an immediate success. Believing that the potential was quite high, we decided to start on five different designs, five different clubs, five big European cities, five players with an international notoriety, for our customers. Now we are trying to develop the possibilities by proposing different players, joy faces. The t-shirts are printed in France, more exactly in the French Basque country.

Today, we are the first t-shirt brand in the world to sell only t-shirts using this concept, our concept.

The Overturn team is composed by young students in Business and Arts, all of them passionate about sport, and having lived many experiences abroad. When we launched it, we have decided to put our common passions to the benefit of our entrepreneurial projects, with great enthusiasm and motivation, while respecting the values that have prevailed our adventure since the beginning.

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