“Ravanelliii / Scores lots of goals and I’ve seen him on the telly / Every time he scores he shows off his belly / Heeeey Ravanelliii”

Here is the song of the Middlesbrough’s supporters to the glory of Fabrizio Ravanelli. Ravanelli was also one of the most prolific poacher of the 1990s. He is remembered for his beautiful silver coat, his strong propensity to fake fall in the penalty box (hello to the Parisians for the one who remember) and especially for his famous celebration. For every goals he scored, Fabrizio put his jersey on his head and ran everywhere like a headless chicken (Hence the belly of the song)!


In Ravanelli’s time, jerseys were quite loose (and the referees less finicky) to allow this kind of fantasy. So it’s true that at the time, a lot of people thought that he was doing a little too much and they even wondered how a poor little toe kick could put him in this state of hysteria. But we, the true lovers of the ball, understood our Fabrizio! To score a goal or to see your favorite team scoring, isn’t it the most beautiful emotion that it is possible to live?

Unfortunately, the current fashion of the fitting jersey prevents players from letting their imagination run free and imitating our beautiful Italian. Starting from this sad fact and telling us that there were many people fighting to save the polar bears, we thought there was no reason not to mobilize us to save the “special Fabrizio “. To score, to tease the opponent and to return your jersey on the head after a goal to scream your joy, it is nevertheless brilliant no? And if, icing on the cake, it could be done with the head of your idol?

This is how the idea of Overturn was born two years ago and has been developed in our minds in the following months.

Us? A group of friends who has built up over the meetings and the travels and now lives all around of the world. Linked by the love of sport and the willingness to undertake together to launch a fun, fresh and innovative project, we have gathered all our energy to create the brand of T-shirts Overturn in 2015.


Overturn T-shirts have been designed to follow you everywhere. Sober outside, you will go unnoticed at your step dad’s place who reminds you that the footballers are wimps, but crazy inside to let explode your joy to score in a game with your friends or at the stadium when your idol will slam the Goal of victory!

Made in the Basque Country, 100% organic cotton, Overturn t-shirts help you to show your passion through the cities and faces of football stars. The collection expands over time …

To live with us the Overturn’s adventure, discover the new products, enjoy discounts and advantages, just join our community on social networks. We will be very happy to live together our passion for sport and to help you scream your joy again and again!

See you soon !

The Overturn Team

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